Monday, September 7, 2015

XXIII International Grassland Congress 2015 New Delhi

For the first time, an international conference on Sustainable use of Grassland Resources for Forage Production, Biodiversity and Environmental Protection, will be held in the capital, from 20-24th November, 2015.
The Congress will be jointly hosted by the Range Management Society of India (RMSI) and the Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute (IGFRI) Jhansi in association with the International Grassland Congress (IGC). We have created a diverse scientific and educational programme to encompass topics across the speciality.
Being held for the first time in India, IGC 2015 is a truly global event and promises to be a great learning and networking experience. The event includes Scientific Sessions, Pre-Congress Workshops, Exhibition, Academic Tours and Banquet & Cultural Program. Your participation at this significant 5-day event will give you the opportunity to exchange knowledge and engage with about 1000 delegates from 45 countries.
The Congress will provide a rare opportunity for the National Agricultural Research System to showcase its grassland environments, R&D and technologies to an international audience. The Grassland Congresses provide a forum for scientists, agricultural engineers and researchers in the fields of grassland improvement, plant physiology, plant ecology, environmental science, grazing management etc., to come together to exchange ideas and information.
The main theme of the Congress is Sustainable use of grassland resources for forage production, biodiversity and environmental protection with five sub themes viz.
1.   Grassland Resources
2.   Grassland Production and Utilization
3.   Sustainability of Grassland – Social and Policy Issues
4.   Biodiversity Conservation & Genetic Improvement of Range and Forage Species
5.   Environmental Issues related to Grassland.

India is a fascinating amalgam of cultures, customs and cuisines that can amaze and enthral travellers, even on a second, third or fourth visit. Demystifying India is a constant “work-in-progress”. New Delhi as a city is both ancient and modern, offering many opportunities to experience the culture and diversity of tradition. ‘Incredible India’ offer you a rich sightseeing experience to relax before and after the Congress.

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